We supply and fit to your existing bicycle - Suitable for most makes/models - 100% road legal
Electric bike

About CycleEasy

We specialise in converting customers' standard bicycles into electric bikes (often called e-bikes), for powered or power-assisted cycling.

From our workshop in the rolling countryside of Surrey's North Downs we supply-and-fit all the components required, including a sealed motor built into the front wheel, a rechargeable battery attached behind the saddle, a handlebar-mounted throttle and an LED battery power display.

All equipment fitted comes with a 12 month warranty.

Suitable for a wide range of users:

  • • Short- or long- distance leisure cyclists

  • • Commuters cycling daily to/from train stations

  • • Daily staff of workplaces with no carparking

  • • Elderly riders with decreased physical strength

  • • Trainers/crew accompanying runners/rowers etc

  • • Persons without car ownership or car licence

  • • Cyclists with trailers (eg. allotment growers)

Electric bike wheel

Advantages of electric cycling include:

  • • Power-assisted cycling for up to 40 miles

  • • Battery fully rechargeable for a few pence in 4-5 hours

  • • Excellent powered support for hillclimbing routes

  • • Modern lightweight kit weighs only 4.8kg

  • • 100% legal for UK road use

  • • Environmentally friendly means of transport

Contact us to discuss fitting - we have a demonstration bike at our workshop if you wish to try before you buy.

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