We supply and fit to your existing bicycle - Suitable for most makes/models - 100% road legal
Electric bike wheel

About the kit

We supply and fit complete electric conversion kits to almost all cycle makes and models, whether new or old.

Supplied and fitted to your existing bicycle, our kits are backed by a 12-month warranty.

Conversion kit features:

  • • Small, quiet and powerful motor

  • • 36V lithium polymer battery

  • • Enables power-assisted cycling for up to 40 miles

  • • Battery fully rechargeable from flat in 4-5 hours

  • • Twist-grip or thumb throttle

  • • LED display of remaining battery power

  • • Key-controlled system for unattended parking security

  • • Complete kit weighs only 4.8kg

Nano battery and key

100% legal for UK road use - with the regulatory proviso that a bicycle rider must be aged 14 years or older to use a power-assisted bicycle on the public highway, and must not exceed the maximum permitted power-assisted speed of 25kph (15 mph).

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